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We all know an "Uncle Bob"
He's the cool Uncle that taught you your first guitar lick, showed you some awesome kick ass music, and yes... maybe shared his stash with you or showed you how to roll.
The Frog Radio is pleased to partner up with All Nations Stó:lō grown Craft Cannabis by creating a playlist based on their latest brand: Uncle Bob.

New Green

Because Uncle Bob is "new green"

I Pity the Country

This is when Uncle gets all philosophical

Come and Get Your Love

Uncle swears he's related to one of these guys


This one takes Uncle back to the good ol' days

Redemption Song

You can't smoke without thinking of Bob. Marley or Uncle


You're craving it now, arntcha?

Gettin Around

Because Uncle claims he used to get around.

Light Me Up

Come on...

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