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Submit YOUR Music 

Indigenous artists of Turtle Island... join The Frog Family! We're always looking to expand our music library. Whether you have one single or 10 albums, signed to a label or independent, whatever the genre, we want to support you and get your music heard! Send us your downloadable link of MP3's.

* we cannot accept links to streaming sites as they have their own licensing agreements in place

By submitting your music and links you (the artist or band representative) agree to have your music added to the Frog Radio library for airplay. You agree to allow the Frog Radio to use your music, images and links for promotion on all platforms but not limited to:, Facebook, Instagram. All music must be of professional quality and is subject to approval. Only submit music that you own the copyright to or have the music publishers permission. Royalties are payable only through a PRO and is the sole responsibility of the artist or band representative.

Tabi Misiyh for submitting!

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