Morning Medicine
Daily, 8 - 10am PST
Start your day with soothing, calming and healing music.

Fired Up!
Weekdays, 12-1pm PST

Your day is half done and you probably need a pick-me-up! Tune in for an hour of energizing music to get you through the rest of your day!

Still Here
Friday and Saturday, 8pm PST

Join us every Friday and Saturday night as we celebrate Indigenous resilience through song.

Aada Waal
Daily, 8pm - 4amPST
The "party in the back" part of the day. These songs keep your mocced feet tapping and up in the middle of your kitchen dancin'!
*warning: some songs may contain explicit lyrics. Discretion advised.

Important Dates

February 14- Annual Women's Memorial March

May 5- Red Dress Day

June 21- National Indigenous People's Day (Canada)

September 21- The Frog Radio Anniversary!
Celebrating the day 100% indigenous radio became a part of your life!

September 30- Orange Shirt Day
If you need to reach out to anyone and talk about your experiences, please call the National Indian Residential School Crisis Line at: