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The Frog Radio sponsorships keep us free of commercials.

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SAY Magazine is a contemporary Indigenous lifestyle magazine. Our mission is to motivate and inspire Indigenous people through knowledge, success stories, and stories of resilience. We cover education, business, arts & entertainment, law & justice, culture and grassroots positive community initiatives.


We also help Indigenous communities to share their success stories that, in turn, inspire action and create positive impact. We provide unique and diverse perspectives and strive to be a relevant educational resource and highlight inspiring role models.

How to get involved?

1) Subscribe to our print or digital magazine, published 6 times per year:

2) Submit your story, or a story idea:

3) Advertise your organization or business to support our mission. Email:

4) Purchase a bulk order for your community or business. Perfect for retail or fundraisers. Email:

BCAF Fulmer First Nations Art Logo_color

Fulmer Award in First Nations Art – June 1 – July 7

Honouring excellence and inspiring achievement in First Nations Art throughout the province.

Celebrating the intersection of art and culture, while honouring First Nations artistic traditions, the program creates a platform for community engagement, mentorship and storytelling.

“I have been weaving, teaching, and researching the Northwest Coast textiles for more than 30 years. This is the first award acknowledging my many years in the art of weaving. The Fulmer Award is, at this point in my career, encouraging and validates my efforts in bringing the traditional arts of the textiles forward to future weavers as well as making the textiles more known in the milieu of indigenous arts.” Evelyn Vanderhoop, 2020 Awardee of Distinction, Fulmer Award in First Nations Art

BC Achievement is grateful to The Fulmer Foundation for its generous support of the First Nations Art program.


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Indigenous Business Award (IBA) Program – Nominations Open: June 1 – 30

Honouring excellence and inspiring achievement in Indigenous business and entrepreneurship throughout the province.

Serving as a catalyst for change and opportunity, the Indigenous Business Award (IBA) program aims to cultivate innovation while leveraging mutual interests. Creating an authentic space where collaborative and strategic partnerships can thrive together, awardee recognition gives voice to Indigenous entrepreneurship while modelling success.

Leigh Joseph, 2020 IBA Awardee states that it is crucial to acknowledge excellence and increase Indigenous representation in the business and entrepreneurship space. “Representation matters. The more Indigenous businesses that are successful, the more inspiration there will be for up-and-coming Indigenous entrepreneurs to pursue their entrepreneurial path. The more stories of resilience, strength and innovation that are shared from Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs the more we as a society shift the narratives of trauma and deficit that are often at the forefront of news stories amid ongoing anti-Indigenous racism that exists in our country.”


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At the Frog Radio, we are all about the music. That's why you'll never hear commercial breaks. What we do offer is sponsorships!

What's the difference? A sponsorship is where a business will "own" the hour, with a 10 second mention 4 times an hour, then we get back to the music. Your sponsorship will direct listeners to this web page where your business information will be listed for at least a month.

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