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Denise Halfyard, founder of The Frog Radio, is a proud Wet'suwet'en, Tsimshian, Gitxsan entrepreneur. She's from the Laksilyu clan (Wet'suwet'en- Small Frog).

Denise decided to start The Frog Radio as an homage to her late Grandmother, to use The Frog Radio as a tool to learn and teach others about Indigenous culture through music and stories. Starting a station committed to promoting indigenous music of all genres, during a pandemic, was great timing for artists who had to cancel all their tours. This was another platform to get their talent in front of a new set of fans.



From 8am to 10am PST everyday is Morning Medicine, music that grounds and prepares you for your everyday challenges. These are traditional and original songs that contain no colonial language.

Weekdays from 12pm to 1pm PST is Fired Up! Energizing music that will give you that extra jolt you might need to get through the rest of your day.

Friday nights from 8pm to 9pm PST is Still Here. Celebrate Indigenous resilience through song. This gets replayed Saturday nights at 5pm PST.

In development is Conversation with Cuzzin, a fun weekly interview with various artists you hear on The Frog Radio. We want to know who we are listening to more personally! And what their favourite jelly bean flavour is! 

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The Frog Radio is growing a devoted following all over the world; Australia, Brazil, UK, Finland and all over Turtle Island.

Attention to detail has been paid to daily programming. Each day from 4am to 12pm PST, starts with a mix of easy listening folk and traditional music, like William Prince and Fawn Wood. 

From 12pm to 8pm PST, the day starts to gain more momentum. More folk, electronic, rock, rap, blues and country get added to rotation, like Leela Gilday and Midnight Shine

From 8pm to 4am PST, the mocs come off and tailfeathers shake with upbeat, uncensored tunes, like Snotty Nose Rez Kids and Once A Tree.

* discretion is advised

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The Frog Radio is a not for profit station that does not run like your average commercial station. Instead, we offer sponsorships. Your business can own that hour with four :15 mentions per hour that will direct the listener to our sponsors page. Here is where your custom message will go. We also have web advertising available. To become a sponsor or for more information send us a message.

Another way to support The Frog Radio is by purchasing a The Frog Radio t-shirt in our Shop or by donating through Patreon.

Allies can know that they are creating change and taking part in reconciliation by working with a 100% indigenous owned business.

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